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Making of Cities is a niche urban and regional development consultancy pushing boundaries towards new approaches to sustainability and resilience.

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Making of Cities was founded in 2015 as a niche urban and regional development consultancy pushing boundaries towards new approaches to sustainability and resilience.

From conception to creation, we work with local and international government agencies, NGOs, policy networks, community interest groups, property associations and land developers to deliver programmes and projects.

We work towards localised solutions at a range of scales; from streets and squares, to neighbourhoods, cities and regions. As the project needs arise, we source talent from our network of associates as lead or support consultants. 

We offer a range of customised services ranging from innovative research and policy development, spatial planning, sustainability and resilience, informal settlement upgrading,  inner-city regeneration and institutional design. 

The environments we work in are diverse, and includes informal settlements, urban centres in decline, degraded environmental areas and target investment zones. 


our founder and principal

Walter Fieuw

Walter is experienced in urban development, project management and finance and held permanent appointments (before founding MoC in 2015) across diverse sectors including planning and property services (CBRE, GVA), media (Zenith, BPP), transport (Network Rail), urban planning/ regeneration (GTP), and human settlements (CORC, SDI) in UK, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda.


professional associations

  • EcoDistricts Accredited Professional™

  • Professional Planner: South African Council of Planners (A/2828/2019)

  • Associate and Committee Member: South African Planning Institute (3R1HZA)

  • Licentiate: Royal Town Planning Institute (87662)


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we offer a range of customised services

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We have a track record of academic rigor and our work is evidence-based and underpinned by credible research. This research helps organisations understand the context and character of complex systems to plan better interventions. 


One of our specialty areas is the complex policy, planning and implementation dynamics of informal settlement upgrading projects, from pre-planning to housing consolidation. 


We develop creative and authentic stakeholder engagements. Better communication of development intentions and outcomes can generate new insights, create cohesion and gear support. 


Planning for sustainability and resilience requires forward planning approaches to mitigate the environmental, social and economic shocks brought about by climate change. We can support you. 


Governance is an important element of integrated development, and often requires special initiatives. We can help to set up and design institutions that deliver on multiple mandates.


Urban management requires the coordination of multiple organisations, and we draw on local and international best practice in planning, operations and design guidance to create great places. 


We form meaningful relationships with our clients and partners

We work with government, policy networks, NGOs, private developers and community groups


we form meaningful relationship with OUR CLIENTS

The diversity of our services reflects the diversity of our work


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