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Research & Policy

We have a track record of academic rigor and our work is evidence-based and underpinned by credible research. Evidence-based policies are more likely to result in measurable impact. We undertake research to help organisations understand the context and character of complex systems and areas to ensure better interventions. This research supports decision making in the alignment of budgets, policies, sector plans and strategic spatial planning. View the published academic work of Walter Fieuw at academia.edu

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Service Offerings

  • Research commissions
  • Property market & socio-economic data analysis
  • Studies of public life
  • High quality content in line with your organisation's brand style guide
  • Course design, curation and teaching
  • Project manager for academic workshops and design studios (local and international) 
  • General content development related to our foci areas

Development Facilitation & Communication

We develop creative and authentic stakeholder engagements. From conceptualisation to creation, successful initiatives are known by credible consensus building and community engagement. We support organisations to design and execute creative stakeholder engagement processes and community-based planning which generates new insights, creates cohesion and gears support. Such campaigns can result in better communication of development intentions and outcomes. 

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Service Offerings

  • Visioning workshops (3H, Future Wheel, Verge, etc methodologies)

  • Authorship of position statement

  • Community-based planning

  • Departmental strategies related to research and advocacy

  • Campaign design and execution

  • Stakeholder and value chain analysis

  • Strategic communication (with associates) including branding, web development and design collateral


Partnering Solutions & Institutional Design

Governance is an important element of integrated development, and often requires special initiatives. The process of making cities requires cross sector and non-linear partnerships at the interface of public, private and community interests. We have supported organisations to craft effective and responsive mandates, business plans, and develop capacity to respond to the multiple demands of good governance. We can help to set up and design institutions that deliver on multiple mandates. We also offer specialised core fund raising services to non-governmental organisations including M&E frameworks, core proposals and programme design for FOIs (Foundations, Organisations & Institutions). 

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Service Offerings

  • Setting up of Partnership institutions

  • Setting up of Improvement Districts (CIDs)

  • Programme monitoring & evaluation

  • Strategic advice on investment zones including Urban Development Zones, Social Housing Restructuring Zones, Integration Zones, and so forth

  • Fund raising and programme design services to NGOs


Informal Settlements & Housing

Africa is undergoing a wave of rapid urbanisation, and contextually appropriate solutions are required to meet these new demands. Informal settlement upgrading and incremental housing and shelter solutions remain key objectives for progressive cities, and is reflected as a top priority in South Africa' National Housing Code. We have experience in informal settlement upgrading planning, funding, and implementation. One of our specialty areas is the complex policy, planning and implementation dynamics of informal settlement upgrading projects, from community engagement and pre-planning to housing consolidation.

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Service Offerings

  • Appraisal and categorisation of settlements based on service standards, land tenure, and suitability for development
  • Programme design to support livelihoods and the informal economy
  • Drafting and submission of UISP business plans (South African context)
  • Local and international best practice to inform decision making

Spatial Planning, Sustainability & Resilience

Planning for sustainability and resilience requires forward planning approaches to mitigate the environmental, social and economic shocks brought about by climate change. We support our customers to bring key decision makers together to undertake joint actions to ensure more sustainable development outcomes. High quality renders and graphics aren’t necessarily our strength, but we can guarantee a credible and authentic process of engagement, joint planning and sustainable community building.

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Service Offerings

  • Preparation of Spatial Development Frameworks (support to lead contractor)
  • Transport and land use integration
  • Transitions from business-as-usual to sustainable neighborhoods & precincts
  • Spatial strategy for sustainable and resilient development

Place Making, Management & Regeneration

Urban management requires the coordination of multiple organisations, and we draw on local and international best practice in planning, operations and design guidance. We have worked with Improvement Districts, Management Associations, and Partnerships to implement place-based strategies that are financially feasible and desirable to the general public. Talk to us to learn how we can support the ‘activation’ and popular use of places and spaces in cities.

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Service Offerings

  • Inputs into design guidance and development controls for mixed use nodes
  • Precinct planning and management strategies
  • Liaisons between property associations and tenants, management firms, and government authorities
  • Tactical urbanism implementation (quick, light and cheap)