Terms of Reference for CCT Data Strategy funded through Global Future Cities Programme of FCO

Participating cities in the UN Habitat Future Cities Programme. Credit: UN Habitat

Participating cities in the UN Habitat Future Cities Programme. Credit: UN Habitat

Project outline

Cape Town was selected as one of 19 cities in the Future Global Cities Programme funded through the Prosperity Fund of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), UK Government and has two phases: 1) a strategic development phase (this current phase) and 2) implementation phase. The programme is being implemented by the UN Habitat’s Urban Planning and Design Lab (UPD-LAB) in close collaboration with the Climate Change Planning Unit (CCPU). The Academic Partner in this programme is the International Growth Centre (IGC) run by London School of Economics and Oxford University and the Professional Partner in the United Kingdom Built Environment Advisory Group (UK BEAG) and its global networks of associations and registered professionals.

We supported Akanya (Johan Olivier) who was appointed by UN Habitat as the Local City Specialist during the Strategic Development Phase. 

The City of Cape Town opted to use its grant funding (nearly R100 million over three years) to implement its newly adopted ‘data strategy’ and PWC was appointed to execute this work after tendering processes were concluded.

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  • June - September 2018

We rendered the following services:

  • City context analysis and data mapping.

  • Carry out an initial desk review and a stakeholder mapping exercise including national, regional, local government, community and private sector.

  • Facilitation of charrettes/ workshops.

  • Organisation of City Data Conference with Cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and eThekwini

  • Rapporteur function across numerous workshops and conferences

  • Intervention technical viability intervention assessment

  • Drafting of a comprehensive Terms of Reference on which basis PWC was appointed

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