User manual for ReBlok - gamification of community participation


Project outline

Reblok is a social enterprise founded by iKhayalami, an informal settlement upgrading design-build agency, and Renderheads, a commercial game and software developer. The company won the Serious about Games Competition, an initiative of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the Western Cape Government.

ReBlok’s flagship game is Vukuzenzele, which in isiXhosa means ‘Get up and do it yourself’. The basefile of the gameplay is a CAD file following photogrammatry and drone flyovers.

ReBlok appointed Making of Cities to write a business case and user manual for the Vukuzenzele game, and the book has been digitally rendered and is available here.


  • Commissioning Agent: Cape IT Initiative, via Rock Paper Scissors (Michelle Matthews).

  • MoC Role: Direct contracting between MoC and ReBlok.

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  • June - July 2019

We rendered the following services:

  • Sole authorship of the Vukuzenzele User Manual

  • Compilation of a business case in the context of UISP projects

  • Engagements with professional and representations bodies of built environment professionals

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