Ranyaka Community Investment Managers


Project outline

Ranyaka Community Investment Managers employs a 'collaborative community development model' which includes community profiling, investment planning and implementation.  With its corporate partners, it establishes local funds and works in poorer neighborhoods responding to most pressing social and economic needs while facilitating longer term development agendas in partnership with government, non-profit and private sector partners. The Places Programme, funded by Nedbank, currently benefits six communities in Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces of South Africa. 


  • Commissioning Agent: Ranyaka CIM

  • MoC Role: Direct contracting between MoC and Ranyaka

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  • July 2018 - July 2019

    We are rendering the following services:

  • Review and make recommendations for the improvement of Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

  • Project management services in target communities.

  • Project conceptualisation and spatial planning services.

  • Branding strategy and information design.

  • Identify investment partnerships with corporate stakeholders.

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