Property Owners Association for Bellville & Parow CBDs

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Project outline

We were appointed by GTP to lead the interactions with property owners. The intention was to set up a Property Owners Association (POA) but legislative changes (e.g. Community Schemes Ombud Service Act) rendered this unfeasible. The focus moved to setting up steering committees where urban regeneration programmes were undertaken (e.g. Kruskal Avenue upgrade). 


  • Commissioning Agent: Greater Tygerberg Partnership.

  • MoC Role: Direct contracting between MoC and GTP

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  • April - July 2017

We rendered the following services:

  • Title deed searches through Windeed and CMA Info to create a database of property owners;

  • Invitations and liaisons with local community structures and businesses.

  • Facilitation of 2x workshops to scope issues and opportunities for improved communication.

  • Close out report with recommendations.

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