Greater Riverside Biodiversity Initiative

Project outline

The Greater Riverside Biodiversity Initiative is a project of MEDP and City of Mbombela Local Government. It seeks to conserve 250ha of riparian forests and biodiversity along the Nels and Crocodile Rivers while providing a key green asset and recreational space to the community through an integrated service and management plan. 


  • Commissioning Agent: Mbombela Economic Development Partnership.

  • MoC Role: Contracted by the project leader Talmar Sustainable Developments.

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  • Phase 1: September 2017 - March 2018

  • Phase 2: Fundraising stage

We rendered the following services:

  • Desktop research into local and international best practice, and workshop facilitation.

  • Spatial planning advice and policy research of three tiers of government (spatial, capital, biodiversity, etc);

  • Recommended urban design treatment of edge conditions to Riperian Area;

  • Recommended urban management structures to create capacity to manage the park;

  • Identification of catalytic projects.

Relevant links to project activities:

  • None (work in progress)

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