Future Strand Urban Regeneration Strategy

Strand Promenade at night. Photo credit: Strand BID

Strand Promenade at night. Photo credit: Strand BID

Project outline

The Board of Directors of the Strand BID identified the need for a shared vision and practical strategy and implementation plan. After a six year track record of improved safety, security and social development, the anticipated inward investment has not yet been realised.

Our services to Strand BID and its Future Strand initiative will build upon an evidence base and recommend and activate key projects over the short, medium and long terms in association with its partners in development.


  • Commissioning Agent: Strand BID

  • MoC Role: Direct contracting between MoC and Strand BID

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  • April - July 2019

We rendered the following services:

  • Conduct site assessments in the BID bounded area of Strand CBD

  • Collaborative sessions with key stakeholder to jointly develop a shared vision.

  • Production of a strategy and implementation plan

  • Project management of key interventions

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