Establishment of the Metro Central Partnership


Project outline

The Economic Development Partnership was appointed by the City of Cape Town to lead the incubation and establishment of the Metro Central Partnership. Airport Company South Africa is also a founding partner. We are appointed to lead a research task into lessons from practice of existing partnerships (e.g. CTP, GTP, PEDI, HBP, KCT) and to produce the business plan based on EDP inputs and research. Following completion of the above, we delivered programme management of the Human Settlements and Blue Downs Corridor programme areas. 


  • Commissioning Agent: Economic Development Partnership

  • MoC Role: Direct contracting between MoC and EDP

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  • December 2017 - March 2019

We rendered the following services:

  • Production of 6,000 - 8,000 word research report in EDP branding collateral including interviews with CEOs, CCT Directors, Staff members, and clients.

  • Support to EDP in steering committees

  • Production of draft business plan, interations, and final presentation to CCT Councilor Sitting.

  • Programme management of Human Settlements and Blue Downs Corridor components for MCP March 2018 - March 2019

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