We now provide EcoDistricts Accredited Professional™ services

We are excited to announce that Walter Fieuw is now an EcoDistricts Accredited Professional (AP) after passing the AP exam. Walter is one of the first EcoDistricts AP™ in South Africa and looks forward to rolling out this methodology with Ranyaka Community Investment Managers. 

Interest in the application of the EcoDistricts Protocol in South Africa is growing. In July 2017 a South African delegation visited Portland Oregan in the EcoDistricts Accelerator Programme funded by the USAID Low Emissions Development Programme. Delegates included DesignSpaceAfrica CEO Dr Luyanda Mphalwa, V&A Waterfront Transport Planner Rory Williams, EcoCentric founder and principal Jutta Berns-Mumbiand, and green building and property consultant Cheryl Hillman, among others. Cape Town is considered a test-bed in the internationalisation strategy of EcoDistricts. 

The Economic Development Partnership convened and hosted an EcoDistricts delegation from Portland who visited Cape Town in November 2017. Read more about their report back on work on social housing in Woodstock. We co-facilitated the Talking Streets event with Open Streets Cape Town. Another delegation will visit Cape Town in September 2018. 

EcoDistricts Protocol Diagram. Credit: EcoDistricts

EcoDistricts Protocol Diagram. Credit: EcoDistricts

Making of Cities will start the application of the EcoDistricts protocol in our partnership with Ranyaka, who has developed a comprehensive development model funded by corporate social investment funding in at least six communities in Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces. 

What is EcoDistricts?

EcoDistricts aims to become the "The New Standard for Community Development" and is premised on a 'collective impact' theory of social change. EcoDistricts is also the first rating tool to integrate the concept of 'equity' into the development equation.

What is meant by the EcoDistricts Protocol?

Through the EcoDistricts Protocol, 'districts' of sizes small to large are supported by a backbone organisation such as a developer, local government or civic association. Each district is required to compile an evaluation framework premised on three Imperative declarations: equity, climate protection and resilience. Six Priorities should be responded through by setting baselines, future targets, roles and responsibilities and strategies. Finally, progressing towards being a Certified EcoDistrict requires plans for Formation, Roadmap and Performance implementation stages. 

What is an EcoDistricts Accredited Professional™?

EcoDistricts Accredited Professional™ (EcoDistricts AP™) is a sustainable development credential that recognises a practitioner’s mastery of the EcoDistricts Protocol and satisfaction of EcoDistricts Certified requirements.

EcoDistricts Protocol Framework. Credit: EcoDistricts

EcoDistricts Protocol Framework. Credit: EcoDistricts

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