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People make cities. Our agendas determine the systems that govern our cities. Unless we are in touch with the agendas that drive change, cities will continue to serve the aspirations of the few at the expense of the needs of the many. We can turn this around. 

We can turn the Making of Cities platform into a community of writers, activists, policy makers and practitioners that collectively give nuanced insights into the exchanges between environment, planning, spaces and The Makers. Join our community and contribute your unique content to the discussion. 

Night Track By Martin Wessely. Uploaded to Unsplash under CC Zero licence

Night Track By Martin Wessely. Uploaded to Unsplash under CC Zero licence

Ideas for features

In the coming months, we want to do more features on the following topics, and your content might be the perfect fit. 

-    Where to start? The potentials of human-centered design and other complexity sciences to inform urban planning practices.
-    Collective community mobilization: Tactics, techniques and resource mobilization of community organisations and social movements, and how government departments respond to these.
-    Well located but distressed: Inclusive regeneration of “distressed” neighborhoods through development rights and controls, tax incentives, and mechanisms to avoid market displaced of poor people. 
-    Going to scale: Policy making that moves beyond pilot projects and isolated initiatives to city-wide processes of joint planning, responsive place-making and pro-poor urban development.

Untitled by Sergei Zolkin. Uploaded to Unsplash under CC Zero licence

Untitled by Sergei ZolkinUploaded to Unsplash under CC Zero licence

Guidelines for submitting content

Write to me at walter[at]makingofcities[dot]org to tell me more about yourself, your topic and your experiences. All mediums are welcome, especially written work, photographic portfolios, and documentary-style videos. 
The most important element to a successful pitch will be your voice and style. Depending on your point of view, your contribution will be unique. Try to get close and personal to the issues, and try to read the forces and trends that make your city. 
We will try and keep the blogs short, between 600-800 words. Depending on the voice and style, we might be able to publish more "long-form" articles, but this will be the exception rather than the norm. 
Once you have submitted your content, it will be proof-read and the final draft will be shared with you for your approval. All blogs will be posted to the typical social media channels, and new links are being made to other more established content aggregation platforms. 
There are currently no sponsors or advertisers that finance this website, and therefore no payment for content is available.
All content is published as Creative Commons, which means that other organisations and websites are allowed to republish Making of Cities content. It is their obligation to attribute to content to you as the author. Read our Attribution Policy here

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