How did MoC come about?

Walter Fieuw, Glasgow, 2015

Walter Fieuw, Glasgow, 2015


I hope your visit to Making of Cities was insightful. I started this website in 2015 as a platform to share ideas and inspire change. I aim to bring you, the reader, news and insights into the exchanges between environment, planning, spaces and The Makers. My articles are written with the purpose of informing a new praxis in city planning and its interdependencies.

I hope to grow Making of Cities into a collaborative expression of likeminded people, so if you are an aspiring writer and interested in the topics covered by Making of Cities, get in touch and get your work published. 

I have worked for and with community organisations, social movements, quasi-government departments, non-governmental organisations, private sector, and state-owned enterprises over the past few years. In 2015/16 I am enrolled for graduate studies in City Planning at the University of Glasgow. I am grateful to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Chevening scholarship) and the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust for financial support. 

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